NB Archive Remastered by AURALEE x TDS

“NB Archive Remastered by AURALEE x TDS” is a new apparel line created by AURALEE and TOKYO DESIGN STUDIO New Balance. It is a modern update of New Balance’s archive sportswear for contemporary lifestyles.

Richie Roxas is a New Balance collector based in Philadelphia (US) and owns one of the biggest collection in the world.

Samuel Pearce, based in Manchester (UK), is footwear designer for New Balance Europe, and also owns a wide collection of New Balance items, which he describes as an “archive.”

Ryota Iwai is AURALEE designer. His practice is highly inspired by vintage clothing. For this new collection, Ryota updated rare New Balance items from Richie and Samuel’s archives in a contemporary way.

This project documents the communication between the three parties in the US, UK and Japan.

We produced videos and key visuals produced in each country, and did the creative direction of the whole project.